Quest Online Homework Instructions

  • The unique number of your course is:

AP Physics C: 339
PreAP Physics: 300

  • If you have not already done so, obtain a UT EID from  If you give the EID system bogus information, you may not be able to retrieve your EID nor the password in the future. If your email address changes, you need to return to this URL and correct it. NEVER obtain a second EID.
  • Log into  You will be sent to the EID system for your EID and password, then redirected back to Quest. If the redirection doesn’t work, type in the URL again:
  • Click the arrow beside “Get Started”
  • Make sure that the “Hello” in the upper right-hand corner has your name.
  • Under the MY COURSES tab, choose “ENROLL IN NEW COURSE”
  • Type the unique number in the box and choose “LOOKUP COURSE INFO”
  • Select the appropriate course (if more than one option) and choose “REQUEST ENROLLMENT”
  • Your instructor has to approve your request before you can proceed in the course.
  • You may not share your password with anyone other than your teacher.
  • You need to sign up for the correct Quest class as soon as possible.


Q: What if I cannot log in to the homework service the night an assignment is due?

A: You must email your teacher with your answers by 11:59 PM

Q: What if I forget to complete an assignment?

A: No late work is accepted so make sure to pay attention to the due date. Don’t leave it to complete the night it is due.

Q: What if I couldn’t complete the assignment because my internet wasn’t working, my printer wasn’t working, my computer crashed, and I couldn’t go to a friends house to use their computer?

A: No late work is accepted.  Start earlier next time.

Q: How do I/How should I… (round, enter scientific notation, get the right answer, etc.)?

A: Click on the HELP link near the top of the page.  All of your questions are likely answered there.  If you question is not answered there, see your instructor.

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