PreAP: Unit 11: SHM, Waves, and Sound






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  • Vibrations
  1. Vibrational Motion
  2. Properties of Periodic Motion
  3. Pendulum Motion
  4. Motion of a Mass on a Spring
  • The Nature of a Wave
  1. Waves and Wavelike Motion
  2. What is a Wave?
  3. Categories of Waves
  • Properties of a Wave
  1. The Anatomy of a Wave
  2. Frequency and Period of a Wave
  3. Energy Transport and the Amplitude of a Wave
  4. The Speed of a Wave
  5. The Wave Equation
  • Behavior of Waves
  1. Boundary Behavior
  2. Reflection, Refraction, and Diffraction
  3. Interference of Waves
  4. The Doppler Effect
  • Standing Waves
  1. Traveling Waves vs. Standing Waves
  2. Formation of Standing Waves
  3. Nodes and Anti-nodes
  4. Harmonics and Patterns
  5. Mathematics of Standing Waves
  • The Nature of a Sound Wave
  1. Sound is a Mechanical Wave
  2. Sound is a Longitudinal Wave
  3. Sound is a Pressure Wave
  • Sound Properties and Their Perception
  1. Pitch and Frequency
  2. Intensity and the Decibel Scale
  3. The Speed of Sound
  4. The Human Ear
  • Behavior of Sound Waves
  1. Interference and Beats
  2. The Doppler Effect and Shock Waves
  3. Boundary Behavior
  4. Reflection, Refraction, and Diffraction
  • Resonance and Standing Waves
  1. Natural Frequency
  2. Forced Vibration
  3. Standing Wave Patterns
  4. Fundamental Frequency and Harmonics
  • Musical Instruments
  1. Resonance
  2. Guitar Strings
  3. Open-End Air Columns
  4. Closed-End Air Columns

Instructional Videos from Georgia Public Broadcasting:

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