PreAP: Fall Final Review

Fall Final Review Files <——Click here for files!!!


The PreAP Fall Final will be all multiple choice.  Some of the questions will be conceptual, and some of the questions will involve finding a numerical answer.

Your final review is on the UT Quest site (“Fall Final Review”).  It is due Monday, December 14th, at 3:00pm.  You will have 2.5 days in class to work on it.  It will count as a quiz grade, and is not extra credit for the final.

You will receive a formula sheet on the final.  It will be identical to the one provided at the Files link above.  Make sure you memorize anything not on this sheet.

At the Files link, there is also an optional extra review.  This review consists of all multiple choice questions.  This review will not be graded; it is provided to give you extra practice if you desire it.

Extra Help – These links have review information, review questions, answers, and explanations of the answers for the topics we covered.


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