PhysicsQuest: Magnetism


In this PhysicsQuest you will be learning about the basics of magnets and magnetic fields.


  • Answer all of the questions on a piece of paper using the links provided.  If a link isn’t working, then find another website that can answer the question.
  • All answers must be in your own words.  Do not just copy and paste to your paper!


  1. Sketch a bar magnet.  Label the poles of the magnet with an “N” and as “S”.  Draw magnetic field lines (with direction) around the magnet.
  2. What arrangement of magnetic poles causes an attractive force?
  3. What arrangement of magnetic poles causes a repulsive force?

  1. What creates a magnetic field?
  2. How is a magnetic field formed by an atom?

  1. What is the category of materials that magnets stick to?  What are some examples of these materials?
  2. What is a magnetic domain?  Sketch two images of a material that has magnetic domains, one that is magnetized and one that is unmagnetized.

  1. How does an MRI work?

  1. How often does the Earth’s magnetic field change direction?
  2. How do scientists know that the magnetic field changes polarity?
  3. What will happen to us when the magnetic field flips?

Here’s a good 2-minute video from MinutePhysics about magnets and how to destroy them.


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  2. AJ says:

    The link with the MRI stuff says the MagLev Train isn’t around yet, but there is one now in Japan, going over 375mph.

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