PhysicsQuest: Angular Momentum

Use the links and videos to answer the following questions.

  1. What is angular momentum?
  2. What is the symbol for angular momentum?
  3. What is the equation for angular momentum?
  4. What are the units of angular momentum?

  1. Why does the spinning bicycle wheel rotate when hung from the rope, rather than falling down?
  2. When the guy is sitting in the chair holding the spinning bicycle wheel, why does the chair start to rotate when the wheel is tipped from side to side?

  1. Why did the merry-go-round speed up when the students moved toward the center?

  1. How does conservation of angular momentum explain why a figure skater’s spin speeds up when they bring their arms close to their body?
  2. How are Kepler’s 2nd Law and Conservation of Angular Momentum two ways of describing the same effect?

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