Academy of Science and Engineering


(Due March 23, 2016)

ASE Forms

Class of 2013 Senior Project Videos

  • Cool Pool – KK devises a system to passively cool the water in a swimming pool for maximum comfort during our hot summers.
  • Unconventional Hydro-Power – Chris J., Cai R., and Evan S. design and build a working hydrogen fuel cell.
  • Economic Mars Rover – Cesar M., Ian S., and Eric L. design and build a human powered vehicle that could be used to explore a lower gravity environment.
  • Ozonator – Melanie K., Stephan M., Harrison V., and Amy P. construct a capacitor-like, high-voltage device to produce ozone used to purify drinking water.
  • Healthy Plant Box System – Lianna G. constructs and wires a system for optimally rotating and watering potted plants.
  • Man vs. No Food – Steven C., and Jung Y. extensively research the state of hunger in the world.
  • Encrypted SMS Messaging – Tim F., Fernando T., and Tian Y. program an Android app that encrypts text messages for secure communication.
  • Traveling, Reimagined – Jack L. and James S. research and design improvements to downtown Houston’s public transportation system.
  • Piezoelectric Shoe – Amy F., Matt L., Patrick J., Jeff M., and Juan H. take the concept of a light-up LED shoe and replace the batteries with homemade piezoelectric crystals.

Class of 2012 Senior Project Videos

  • Hydrogen Algae Experiment – Respina V., Ammarah T., and Shannon W. raise algae and explore the possibility of using the algae as a source of hydrogen for alternative fuels.
  • Save the Trees – Danielle W., Mark L., Tommy M., and Doug W. devise and implement a system to water trees using water from the bayou.
  • Recumbent Trike -Thomas F., Preston W., and Miles H. cannibalize a variety of bikes to construct a human or electric (solar) powered recumbent tricycle.
  • LED Extravaganza – Matt L. makes the stairs for Will Rogers Follies come alive with light.
  • African Education -Alyssa J., Kellie B., and Katherine A. create low cost lab kits from easy to find materials so African children can have access to science labs in school.
  • Piezoelectric Dance Floor -Katherine P., Alex L., Matt B., Meredith H., and Brandon H. make their own piezoelectric crystals and use them in a proof-of-concept floor tile which can light LED’s in response to the weight of a person dancing on it.
  • Solar Pool Heater – Tyler D., Alex E., Tomas H., and Robert P. design and build a solar pool heater for those times when the pool isn’t quite warm enough.
  • Motorized Ice Chest – Michael A. and Andy H. manage to turn an ice chest into a fully self-powered beach conveyance.
  • Homemade Ukulele -Hannah P., Hanna K., Maggie M., and Kristin P. design and build a ukulele from sustainable materials.

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