ASE Service Hours Requirements

Students must earn 50 hours of science-related service hours per year.

Year 1 begins on May 1 of the student’s sophomore year and ends May 1 of the junior year.  Year 2 begins on May 1 of the junior year and ends May 1 of the senior year.

Up to half of the hours (25 total hours) can be earned during the summer.

There are four (4) categories of service hours:

  1. Tutoring
  2. Science & Math Classroom
  3. Community
  4. Job Shadowing

Students must earn a minimum of 2 hours in each category and no more than 25 hours in any one category.

You must turn in a completed copy of the Service Hour Form for credit.

Approved suggestions for each category are listed below. The Administrative Director, Mr. Avis, must approve other hours. You may email him for approval at or stop by room 339.

Approved Suggestions:

Tutoring: tutoring a student, helping a science or math teacher during tutorials.  Parent/teacher signatures required for approval.  No financial reimbursement may be obtained.

Science, Math, Engineering Classroom: helping a teacher as deemed necessary.

Community: volunteer at a health fair, volunteer at an Assisted Living community, Houston Audubon, Houston Arboretum, volunteer at science related benefits.

Job Shadowing: volunteer at a medical or science related job for which there is no financial reimbursement.

Due Dates:

Proof of completion of hours will be due by two dates during the year. Forms may be picked up from Mr. Avis or printed from this website.

1st 25 hours are due Wednesday, 28 November 2012

2nd 25 hours due Wednesday, 1 May 2013

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