Unit 8: Circuits

In this unit you will be learning about electric charges and how they interact via electric fields.  You will also explore the various parts of an electric circuit and how they behave.

Unit 8 Calendar

Circuits Overview from APlusPhysics.com

TEST 2/13

Assignments: (all assignments are due by the end of class on the date shown, unless otherwise stated)


  • Chapter 25 Reading Quiz (online) – by 2/11
  • Chapter 26 Reading Quiz (online) – by 2/11
  • Chapter 25-26 Written Quiz – (cancelled)

Online Homework:

  • Online HW 8.1: due 2/6 @ 11:59pm
  • Online HW 8.2: due 2/13 @ 11:59pm


  • Capacitor Lab (work done in class on 2/7)

Reading and Book Problems:


Helpful Videos:


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