Employers Asking for SAT Scores

As if taking the SAT to get into college wasn’t stressful enough, now employers are asking prospective employees for their SAT scores, even if it’s been decades since you took the test.  Good luck!

From the Wall Street Journal:

A low score doesn’t necessarily kill a person’s chances, hiring managers say; instead, they say they believe SATs and other college entrance exams like the ACT help when comparing candidates with differing backgrounds or figuring out whether someone has the raw brainpower required for the job.

But some companies do set targets, particularly on the math section. Mark Rich, managing director of consulting-industry recruiting firm Whitehouse Pimms, says clients often tell him to screen for candidates whose SAT scores placed them in or above the 95th percentile. Investment firm D.E. Shaw Group asks candidates to break out their math and verbal results.

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